Moulin Rouge: Where Cancan is Queen

The Moulin Rouge was established in 1889 during the height of what was Paris’ most unique periods of history. At the start of the industrial revolution an interesting thing happened in Paris – social boundaries were dropped and fun, exuberance, and frivolity were in abundance. This was a big change from the former uptightness of the classicism period. In the midst of this exciting era, the most famous cabaret the world will ever know opened its doors to anyone who wanted to come.

An extravagant and wild atmosphere that no one had seen before was offered at the Moulin Rouge – including the Cancan, made famous by the Moulin Rouge. The Cancan dancers here were like none the world had ever seen. Each night when the doors opened at 10pm a fleet of young girls entered stage and threw their legs high in the air in a wave of frills and black stockings. Some of the most famous Cancan dancers were Jane Avril and Yvette Guilbert, the latter of the two going on to become a famous fortune teller.

Today, you can still visit the Moulin Rouge in all its glory and catch an exciting burlesque show. You don’t need to wait until 10pm, though. You can make reservations for a meal and a show as early as 1pm. With a history as rich and exciting as the Moulin Rouge’s, and its traditions still being upheld, don’t leave Paris without experiencing it!