The Best Patisseries in Paris

Laurent Duchene

Address: 2 Rue Wurtz

A small patisserie that really knows how to do some fancy pastry creations – absolutely delicious! They also won the MOF title in 1997 for best pastries in the city. They have a wide variety of pastries, from tarts, to various chocolate creations, to macaroons, and even artistic sugar works. Definitely worth a stop.


Hugo and Victor

Address: 40 boulevard Raspail

This is a relatively new patisserie that just opened in 2010, but it’s already developed quite a reputation for having some very exquisite pastries. They have triangle shaped tarts that remind one of a sumptuous apple pie, macaroons that are to-die-for, and some absolutely gorgeous chocolate art available for purchase. Even their cookies are incredibly creative and intricately designed.

Arnaud Delmontel

Address: 57 rue Damremont

This patisserie is known to have some very vibrantly colored and decorated pastries, and some absolutely adorable cookies. The flavors found in their desserts are out of this world, but at the same time resemble a bakery-next-door type of feel. Creative elegance meets down home and hearty.


Gerard Mulot

Address: 76 ru de Seine

You absolutely must stop in to this patisserie for a Troubadour – a decadent chocolate and caramel mousse. They also have a wide variety of macaroon flavors: orange-canelle, nougat, and citron, among others.

Vanves Fleamarket

vanves fleamarket

Every Saturday and Sunday the Vanves fleamarket opens. It features 380 professional dealers. These dealers have come from all over Paris to sell their latest finds: furniture, items from the 18th – 20th century, metalwork, light fixtures, books, tableware, old clothing and textiles, antiques, jewelry, photos, postcards, paintings drawings, coins, medals, old papers, old tools, folk art, religious objects, and much more!

The market occupies two avenues: 14th arrondissement of Paris Ave.Marc Sanqnier and BC Georges Lafenestre. It opens every Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine, holiday or no holiday, from 7am to 2pm. It’s a favorite pastime of tourists and Parisians alike to kead over the Vanves and see what treasures they can dig up.

January’s Fun Things to Do in Paris List

Chic Shopping Paris

Chic Shopping Paris

Since Paris is the fashion capital of the world, why not experience it with a guided shopping tour from the professionals? Chic Shopping Paris has been featured in the NY Times, the Travel Channel, and more as a way to help maximize your shopping time in Paris. You can choose from themed tours such as “Made in France” or “Tres Tasty”, or build your own custom designed tour if you’re searching for something like a wedding dress.

Book your tour:


On Rue Tatin Paris

On Rue Tatin Paris

Cooking enthusiasts will love this if they ever wanted to cook in Paris. Catch a class taught by Susan Herrmann Loomis that begins with an outdoor market tour shopping for fresh fruits, fish, meats, dairy, and breads. Then learn to cook with those ingredients.

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Photo Tours in Paris


Photo Tours in Paris specializes in customized trips around Paris geared towards photographers. An award winning photographer, Randy Harris, leads the groups. You can either do a private tour, or a group tour with other photographers. The tour will help you see the sites in Paris, learn about photography, build your portfolio, and maximize your photo opportunities during your trip.

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Paris Authentic


Travelers looking for the most authentic Parisian tour should check this out. You’ll travel in a 2CV car (shown above) and be taken to see the famous sights of the city. Hear anecdotes and ask questions on any Paris topic you may be interested in. You’ll also be given numerous photo opportunities and are sure to have the ride of your life!

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Where to Find the Best Chocolate in Paris

Michel Chaudun

Paris is home to “the best” of many things – theatre, cuisine, wine, fashion, museums, etc. But, one thing that’s not spoken about a lot that it also has the best of is chocolate. You’ll find that there’s a ton of candy stores and fine chocolate shoppes in Paris, and most of them are great and their art perfected well. However, if you are in Paris for a short period of time only, you want the best. Here’s the list of a few “tried and true” chocolate retailers you don’t want to miss.

Michel Chaudun

Address: 149, rue de l’Université 7e

This store is raved about everywhere you turn – especially the square chocolate Pavees that just melt in your mouth. It’s not far from the Eiffel Tower, and it’s definitely worth a stop.

Regis Chocolatier

Address: 89 Rue de Passy  75016

There’s nothing like the perfect chocolate art that Regis Chocolatiers produces. One of the most popular treats are the chocolate mushrooms filled with Gianduja paste. Also popular are the chewy nougats and pralines.

Roy Chocolatier

Address: 27, rue de Longchamp 75116

There are so many delicious chocolates to try, it’s almost impossible to make a decision. The prices are a bit steep, but definitely worth it. Especially the chocolate marbles and the Parisian tiles.

Jean-Paul Hévin

Address: 231 Rue Saint-Honoré  75001

This store not only specializes in heavenly chocolate, but it also sells macarons and truffles unlike any you’ve ever tasted. Definitely worth a stop.

Jacques Genin

Address: 133, rue de Turenne (3rd)

This chocolate master originally worked out of his very small apartment, and created chocolate that was hard to come by – but highly craved. He has now opened a location to the public. If you stop for anything here, you definitely need to sample the ganache filled chocolate.

La Maison du Chocolate

Address: 225 Faubourg de St. Honore

This is always a highly recommended shop. It is more expensive than many other chocolatier shops, however it’s known to be worth it – especially the eclairs and macarons.

Paris: French for How to be Fashionable

For most, when thinking about Paris, three things come to mind: food, amour (love), and fashion – for the style savvy, the latter of the three being the most important. Paris has set the fashion curve high for the rest of the world by producing numerous outrageous and extremely talented designers, by its residents taking pride in their style and daring to be bold, and by being a city that truly embraces uniqueness and trend setting in fashion. Even the biggest fashion event of the year worldwide is held here once a year – Paris Fashion Week.

For those of you not lucky enough to make it to Paris Fashion this year in 2012, you don’t have to miss out on all the designer fun! Check out these shopping hot-spots to catch all your favorite designers’ most recent collections. Hey, even if you can’t afford them, the window shopping is still worth the trip!

Street: Avenue Montaigne – Here you’ll find such designers as Yves Saint-Laurent and Christian Dior.

Street: Avenue Hoche – Visit Dior’s store here!

Street: Rue Cambon – Chanel!

Street: avenue des Champs-Elysees – Pick up a real Parisian Louis Vuitton bag while you’re here!

Street: avenue George-V – You won’t want to miss the Givenchy designer store located on this street.

Street: Rue Vivienne – The Jean Paul Gaultier store is a must see when you’re in Paris.

Street: rue de Montpensier – Marc Jacobs!

Those are just a few examples of the famous designer boutiques you can easily locate within Paris. Now, if you’re the type that would rather do most of their shopping in a mall area, instead of running from store to store, there is also the Carousel du Louvre that features some great boutiques. Not to mention the tasty café’s located in the mall!

So, when in Paris, do as the Parisians – dress to the nines in the latest fashions! Have fun and splurge a little – why not? You’re in Paris! Happy shopping!