Curieux Spaghetti Bar: Fun and Spaghetti

All the spaghetti you can eat. Test tube vodka shots. Decor that changes at the bat of an eye. This is Curieux Spaghetti Bar, and I promise I’m not pulling your leg.

Notice the pictures above are all of the same corner of the restaurant? These scenes will often change according to the season, festivities at the bar, and just if they simply feel like it.

Curieux is located on 14, Rue Saint-Merri in Paris and is absolutely where you want to be for fun, drinks, and eating in Paris. Spaghetti can be ordered by the pot or by the plate, the bruschetta is crunchy in all the right places, and definitely, definitely try the pizza.

The Spag bar is actually best known for it’s creative and tasty drinks including, but certainly not limited to, a seemingly endless supply of various test tube vodka shots and home made limoncello. Enjoy these while sitting under the chandeliers and taking in the lively crowd.

It’s recommended that you do schedule a reservation for Curieux, as it is usually way too crowded to seat walk-ins. And leave the kiddies at home for this outing – the crowd and bar atmosphere won’t be their scene.