Eating Cheap in Paris

Paris Sandwiches


Traveling abroad is no easy financial feat for most of us, but there are always ways to save – especially when it comes to dining in Paris. With hundreds and hundreds of small bistros offering gourmet food at lower prices than the fine restaurants in Paris, it’s easy to budget in this area. But, there are ways to dine and save at the gourmet restaurants as well.


When out and about enjoying the sights and sounds of Paris, stick to out of the way places when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat. The non-touristy places are going to offer great food for a lot less than the places right next to land marks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Champs Elysees. Also, keep an eye out for food stalls that are scattered throughout the city – these are usually cheap and very accessible. Patisseries are also a great way to dine, with coffee and sandwiches typically being made available for purchase.

If trendier restaurants are more your cup of tea, there are certainly ways to save in this area. Firstly, stick to the prix-fixe menu instead of ordering A la Carte. You can often times get a great three course meal for under fifteen dollars. Also, remember that it’s always cheaper to dine during lunch hours than dinner hours where you can often see the prices markedly higher.

Just remember these key things, and you’ll be dining like a king on less than a king’s budget in no time:

  • Dine at non-touristy places
  • Keep an eye out for street vendors
  • Minimize fine dining to only during lunch hours
  • Take full advantage of your hotels (typically) on-the-house breakfast. It usually consists of croissants, fruit, cheese, and juice.
  • Don’t order A la Carte. Instead stick to the prix-fixe menu most fine restaurants will provide.