Michelin Star Restaurants in Nice

When a restaurant is awarded the coveted Michelin star by one of its critics, it says a lot about that restaurant. It says the food is phenomenal, creative, and perfectly cooked. It says the staff is attentive, timely, and pleasant. It says the chefs are well trained, gourmet, and inventive with their menus. Nice happens to have several Michelin starred restaurants – that’s how loaded with gourmet cuisine this beautiful French city is. Today, we’d like to show you a couple of our favorites.



Michelin Star: 1

This restaurant is small, quaint, and run by a couple that really knows food. The chef/owner was trained in some of the best restaurants in the world, and it shows in his cooking. You won’t walk out of there without spending about 70 Euros per person, but it’s well worth it. Try the citrus sea bass, or perhaps the stunning pea soup (not as simple as it sounds). Very creative cuisine.


flaveur restaurant

Michelin Star: 1

This charming restaurant is run by 3 friends – 2 are brothers and 1 a family friend. Here you can enjoy no frill classic French cuisine at its best – finding a hint of exotic hidden within every meal. One big key to this restaurant’s success is their strict use of only the freshest ingredients. With this restaurant as well you won’t walk out of there without spending at least 70 euros per person, but again it’s well worth it. Try the fish cooked in duck sauce, or the Croustillant Rose-Litchis for dessert.

L’Univers-Christian Plumail

L'Univers-Christian Plumail

Michelin Stars: 1

This restaurant is far renowned for its delicious Nicoise type cuisine. You’ll definitely need to pre-book your meal, as people come from far and wide just to sample a dish. It’s known to creatively tease the palate with its smoked salmon, or anchovy mousse, or smoked eel filled with sea urchin. The prices are about 15 euros less than the previous two restaurants we’ve listed, but it seems as if it should be more. Book a table, dress nice, and enjoy a delicious evening at L’Univers-Christian Plumail.