Myths About Paris

Myth #1: Parisians are rude, snobby, and unfriendly.

Of course you’ll have rude or unfriendly encounters in Paris, as you would any other city! Parisians are generally very hospitable and kind, however they are not typically as casual as you are used to – but don’t mistake that for being snobby or rude! You get what you give, Paris included. Greet Parisians in a polite and friendly manner and you’ll see the favor returned.

Myth #2: Paris is overly expensive.

Paris is a city that has many delights to offer, both expensive and inexpensive. You can get by very cheaply in Paris, but also have a great time, by eating from street vendors, staying in smaller hotels or hostels, and limiting your shopping. The rumors of the city being expensive as a whole come from the bountiful exquisite things Paris has to offer, like high fashion, gourmet restaurants, expensive excursions. But, that’s only part of what the city has to offer!

Myth #3: Parisians are always dressed to the nines in high fashion.

Yes, you are going to encounter some high fashion in Paris, as you would in New York, Los Angeles, and most other big cities. However, as a whole Paris is a very casually dressed city: jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, etc. The only thing you probably won’t notice is Parisians wearing exercise apparel around town, like the yoga pants worn every where here.


Myth #4: Paris is not a safe city. 

Honestly, the biggest problem one may encounter in Paris is pick pocketing. However, guns, gangs, robberies, etc. are not as common in Europe as they are in the US and other countries – it is very, very rare to encounter any acts of violence.

Myth #5: Parisian food is weird.

Of course a good bit of it will be completely different than what you’ve experienced or are used to at home, but in what country is that not true? Paris can be the culinary experience of a lifetime if you give it a chance. In fact, many professional chefs that cook at 5 star restaurants in the US went first to Paris to gain formal training and dine on Parisian cuisine.

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