Odd French Foods

Paris is the mecca of fine dining, all star chefs, and fabulous cuisine. Parisian chefs are well known for bringing flair and creativity to their dishes, often pairing unique foods and flavors together to create something your taste buds have never tasted the likes of before. Something else these crafty Parisian chefs are known for is using ingredients not typically eaten to create one of a kind dishes, most of them taking an adventurous spirit to try. In today’s “This Week in Pictures” we’re taking a look at some foods only the bold try.

Smoked Ox Tongue, also known as "Langue Lucullus" can be found, stuffed, sliced and sauteed or grilled, or mixed in with pasta.

Veal Belly, or "Tripe", is considered French soul food. It can be cooked a number of ways, including being used in pastas, soups, or grilled/sauteed.

Just like we have our turkey fowl for most major holidays in the U.S., Parisians have Guinea Fowl, or "Pintade" served as a main course at many of their holiday celebrations.

The famed frogs legs, which really do taste like chicken by the way.

Probably the most well known odd food to come out of Parisian kitchens, Escargot can be gotten both in shell and out of shell. Usually they are served in a rich sauce, and most often are available as a starter dish.

A delicious and flavorful berry used in a lot of sauces and dishes in France.

When most of us think of the term "sweetbread", we mainly think of pastries or some sort of starchy concoction - but not the fine dining world! To them, sweetbread refers to a calf's pancreas.

This sea creature has a weird, rubbery texture and resembles the look of snails.