5 Gifts to Buy While in Paris

With all that Paris has to offer in way of shopping and gifts, it can be hard to select what to take home with you. Airlines can be strict with regulations, lack of space and weight can present a problem when packing them in your luggage, and most of us have a limited budget for bringing things home. However, don’t miss out on snagging an item or two that you can only get while in Paris! We’ve narrowed our list of favorite items to bring home as gifts (or for yourself) to five crucial things:


Specifically chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin’s chocolates. We recommend getting a large variety to take home. These heavenly chocolates will have everyone back home raving, or you can keep them all to yourself.

Address: 231 rue St Honore

Jams, Jellies, Honeys, and Mustards

Parisian’s do condiments very, very well. These are always a sure bet to bring home with you for gifts and to use at home as they travel well, last a while, and will add some real flair to your cooking.

Where to Buy: Any local grocery store


Perhaps one of our favorite take-home’s from Paris. You’ll have to limit your selection, unfortunately, as airlines are strict and usually only allow 2 or 3 bottles, but these are perfect additions to your home wine collection or for a special gift for a friend. Wine from Paris is a must.

Where to Buy: Local wineries or farms right outside of Paris, boutiques, any grocery store


Some people aren’t fans of salami, but if you are you can get some great salami in any deli or supermarket in Paris. It keeps pretty well while traveling, and makes for some great sandwiches and pasta toppings. Plus, if you happen to get hungry on your travels, or stuck in an airport, it’s always good to have a gourmet snack on board. If any makes it back home, these can make for great additions to gift baskets or dinner party host gifts.


Perhaps one of the most refreshing and tastiest beverages you’ll ever have, cheap, and rarely found in the states. Picking up some Orangina is a must.

Where to Buy: Any local grocery store


Where to Find the Best Chocolate in Paris

Michel Chaudun

Paris is home to “the best” of many things – theatre, cuisine, wine, fashion, museums, etc. But, one thing that’s not spoken about a lot that it also has the best of is chocolate. You’ll find that there’s a ton of candy stores and fine chocolate shoppes in Paris, and most of them are great and their art perfected well. However, if you are in Paris for a short period of time only, you want the best. Here’s the list of a few “tried and true” chocolate retailers you don’t want to miss.

Michel Chaudun

Address: 149, rue de l’Université 7e

This store is raved about everywhere you turn – especially the square chocolate Pavees that just melt in your mouth. It’s not far from the Eiffel Tower, and it’s definitely worth a stop.

Regis Chocolatier

Address: 89 Rue de Passy  75016

There’s nothing like the perfect chocolate art that Regis Chocolatiers produces. One of the most popular treats are the chocolate mushrooms filled with Gianduja paste. Also popular are the chewy nougats and pralines.

Roy Chocolatier

Address: 27, rue de Longchamp 75116

There are so many delicious chocolates to try, it’s almost impossible to make a decision. The prices are a bit steep, but definitely worth it. Especially the chocolate marbles and the Parisian tiles.

Jean-Paul Hévin

Address: 231 Rue Saint-Honoré  75001

This store not only specializes in heavenly chocolate, but it also sells macarons and truffles unlike any you’ve ever tasted. Definitely worth a stop.

Jacques Genin

Address: 133, rue de Turenne (3rd)

This chocolate master originally worked out of his very small apartment, and created chocolate that was hard to come by – but highly craved. He has now opened a location to the public. If you stop for anything here, you definitely need to sample the ganache filled chocolate.

La Maison du Chocolate

Address: 225 Faubourg de St. Honore

This is always a highly recommended shop. It is more expensive than many other chocolatier shops, however it’s known to be worth it – especially the eclairs and macarons.