Our Favorite Restaurants in Nimes

If a good restaurant in Nimes is what you seek, you don’t have to search far. Here’s 3 of our favorites that we’re sure not to miss when we’re in town.



This restaurant is run by chef Michel Kayser, owner of 2 Michelin stars. You’ll adore this elegant, yet rustic, restaurant that’s located right outside the city center. The menu consists of classic French cuisine, with hints of chef Kayser’s subtle improvements. You’ll pay a pretty penny per person, about 44€-66€, but when you taste the dishes you’ll know why it’s worth it. We recommend the roasted pigeon breast with fresh seasonal baby vegetables, or the courgette flowers with truffle mousse. You also can’t go wrong with chef Kayser’s version of the popular dish “Brandade de Morue”, which consists of salted, pureed, and poached cod.

Tendances Lisita Restaurant

This restaurant is located just outside the Roman ampitheatre, and is run by Michelin starred chef Olivier Douet. There’s a giant covered terrace you can dine under, or a beautiful dining room indoors. There are a lot of restaurants in this area, but this one we’ve singled out as one of our favorites – one of the reasons being their scalloped risotto. You can’t go wrong with the filet of bull on garlic sauce, however. The prices here are medium to high, about 22€-29€ per person.

La Bodéguita

Nestled in the Royal Hotel sits the La Bodeguita restaurant – a Spanish restaurant with a whole lot of flair, and a whole lot of tapas. Located in a great spot right on the place d’Assas, this restaurant attracts people from all over the city who crave some of their famous tapas. Tapas favorites include: octopus salad and Greek meatballs, organic bull steaks, and Nimois brandade de morue. The price is medium to high, but very worth it, at about 22€-34€ per guest.

Curieux Spaghetti Bar: Fun and Spaghetti

All the spaghetti you can eat. Test tube vodka shots. Decor that changes at the bat of an eye. This is Curieux Spaghetti Bar, and I promise I’m not pulling your leg.

Notice the pictures above are all of the same corner of the restaurant? These scenes will often change according to the season, festivities at the bar, and just if they simply feel like it.

Curieux is located on 14, Rue Saint-Merri in Paris and is absolutely where you want to be for fun, drinks, and eating in Paris. Spaghetti can be ordered by the pot or by the plate, the bruschetta is crunchy in all the right places, and definitely, definitely try the pizza.

The Spag bar is actually best known for it’s creative and tasty drinks including, but certainly not limited to, a seemingly endless supply of various test tube vodka shots and home made limoncello. Enjoy these while sitting under the chandeliers and taking in the lively crowd.

It’s recommended that you do schedule a reservation for Curieux, as it is usually way too crowded to seat walk-ins. And leave the kiddies at home for this outing – the crowd and bar atmosphere won’t be their scene.

Odd French Foods

Paris is the mecca of fine dining, all star chefs, and fabulous cuisine. Parisian chefs are well known for bringing flair and creativity to their dishes, often pairing unique foods and flavors together to create something your taste buds have never tasted the likes of before. Something else these crafty Parisian chefs are known for is using ingredients not typically eaten to create one of a kind dishes, most of them taking an adventurous spirit to try. In today’s “This Week in Pictures” we’re taking a look at some foods only the bold try.

Smoked Ox Tongue, also known as "Langue Lucullus" can be found, stuffed, sliced and sauteed or grilled, or mixed in with pasta.

Veal Belly, or "Tripe", is considered French soul food. It can be cooked a number of ways, including being used in pastas, soups, or grilled/sauteed.

Just like we have our turkey fowl for most major holidays in the U.S., Parisians have Guinea Fowl, or "Pintade" served as a main course at many of their holiday celebrations.

The famed frogs legs, which really do taste like chicken by the way.

Probably the most well known odd food to come out of Parisian kitchens, Escargot can be gotten both in shell and out of shell. Usually they are served in a rich sauce, and most often are available as a starter dish.

A delicious and flavorful berry used in a lot of sauces and dishes in France.

When most of us think of the term "sweetbread", we mainly think of pastries or some sort of starchy concoction - but not the fine dining world! To them, sweetbread refers to a calf's pancreas.

This sea creature has a weird, rubbery texture and resembles the look of snails.



March Featured Paris Hotel of the Month: Hotel Castille

Location:  33-37 rue Cambon, 75001, Paris, France

Style: 108 rooms, contemporary and classic elegance

Price: From US $289 a night

The décor of this hotel alone is worth the price, which really isn’t too bad for all it offers. Located in the center of Haute couture Paris, and just a short distance from attractions such as the Opera Garnier and the Louvre, this hotel is right where you want to be. This particular area is also interesting for its beautiful merging of both Italian and French themes, which you can experience at the Hotel Castille in both its splendid décor and its restaurant L’Assaggio. C’est Magnifique!

The history of the building the Castille is located in actually dates back 300 years! Originally it was the home of Marechal du Luxemburg and eventually becoming what it is today. An interesting feature of this hotel is that it is divided into 2 wings: The Opera Wing and The Rivoli Wing. The Opera Wing features a more black and white contemporary style, while the Rivoli Wing features a classic elegance tone. Whatever your taste, The Hotel Castille Paris can accommodate it!


Amenities include:

  • 24 Hour Room Service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Fitness Centre
  • Meeting rooms and conference facilities
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Hotel restaurant and bar
  • Babysitting service
  • Pets allowed
  • Baby beds
  • Smoking and non-smoking rooms
  • Sauna
  • TV

Restaurant Du Palais-Royal

[Average price listed is for a three-course meal, without wine or berverage]

There can hardly be a more romantic setting for dinner in Paris than the Restaurant du Palais-Royal, looking onto the serene symmetrical gardens across from the Louvre. You can’t help but feel privileged to be here—especially if you nab a prized seat on the summer terrace. In winter, the jewel-toned interior makes an equally stylish setting for an intimate meal. The contemporary yet simply prepared French food lives up to the surroundings: among the specialties are risotto, such as a glamorous squid-ink version with lobster (the menu changes seasonally); an elegant take on steak-frites favored by the businessmen at lunchtime; some standout fish dishes; and millefeuille with seasonal fillings for dessert (chestnut in winter, strawberries in summer). Closed Sun. Average €50.

110, galerie de Valois 75001 Paris
Métro Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre
Tél : 01 40 20 00 27 Fax : 01 40 20 00 82


À la Cloche d'Or

Once owned by the family of actress Jeanne Moreau, the ‘Golden Bell’ has vaudeville charm with its photos of stars, a roaring open fire in winter, and a wonderful house special of steak tartare.

Address 3 rue Mansart

Phone tel: (01) 48 74 48 88 (info)

Transport underground rail: Blanche or Pigalle

Price Range $$