Cannes: Luxury and Film

cannesLocated in the French Riviera, Cannes is always filled with tourists and is the spot for the annual Cannes Film Festival. It’s not only famous for the film festival though, it’s also well known for its luxury shops, hotels, and gourmet restaurants. Cannes is considered a prominent social hub of Europe.

The attractive Mediterranean climate of Cannes features a full 12 hours of daylight during the summer months of May through September, allowing for tourists and locals to enjoy the beautiful water’s, beaches, shopping and scenery of the commune. Cannes is famous for its beaches, although a good bit of them are private. They cost around  €30 a day for use, but many tourists enjoy this option as they don’t have to deal with crowds and can relax and enjoy the beach life and scenery. There are public beaches as well, and while they are crowded, they have a vibrant social scene and fireworks are often set off at night.

Cannes also features 2 islands in the bay that are worth a visit: St.Honorat and Ste Marguerite. St.Honorat is the smaller of the two islands and has a beautiful monastery and ruined castle for visiting. You can also grab a bite to eat from the monks who sell monastery-made food and drinks.  Ste Marguerite also has a castle, and features bars and restaurants and shopping.

Off the islands, there’s always plenty to do. Visiting the Notre-Dame d’Esperance is a must, with its gothic church architecture and 14th century wood paneling, Fresco’s, and beautiful hilltop views. The Musee d’Art et d’Histoire de Provence is also located here, in which the everyday life of Provence is retraced from prehistoric times to present day in furniture, paintings, costumes, and more. Another popular attraction is the Tour du Masque, which is supposedly haunted by the mysterious figure that was once known as the ‘Man in the Mask’.

You’re never far off from a great dining place in Cannes, and can enjoy a fresh meal almost anywhere. Cannes doesn’t know the meaning of ‘bad food’. Robertos is a popular eatery, selling freshly made thin pizzas and pasta for remarkably cheap prices. Le Palme d’Or is another fantastic location, stylishly decorated and overlooking the Bay of Cannes, and featuring 2 Michelin stars. You can even grab some fabulous Mexican food at Sombraro X-Press.

There’s always a festival going on in Cannes, besides from the famous Cannes Film Festival. Here’s a list of festivals to keep an eye out for:

Cannes Film Festival – Usually held in May

Midem – Music trade show

MIPIM – World’s largest property trade show

Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival

Carnival on the Riviera – Street parade

The International Festival of Games – A celebration of bridge, belote, chess, draughts, tarot, and backgammon

The International Actors’ Performance Festival – Comedy sketches and more

Festival de la Plaisance – Boating enthusiast event

The International Luxury Travel Market – Luxury travel trade show

Le Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique – Fireworks competition held during the summer

Pan-African Film Festival – African films