Strasbourg: German Border City

If you’re looking for a unique, and absolutely stunning city – Strasbourg is the way to go. This beautiful and memorable city is located right on the border of Germany, along the Rhine river, in the Alsace region.Strasbourg’s Germanic name directly translates into “Fortress on the Road”.

Besides being aesthetically gorgeous, it is important internationally politically as well, with its holding of the seat of several European institutions, such as the Council of Europe, Eurocorps, European Parliament, European Union, and the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine. It’s also home to the biggest university in France – University of Strasbourg, holds the largest Islamic place of worship in France – the Strasbourg Grand Mosque, and has played the role of being a bridge of unity between France and Germany throughout history. The city is even ranked third in France, and eighteenth globally, in innovation.


bourg 1

The architecture alone draws many visitors to Strasbourg, which can be mainly described as sandstone Gothic cathedral. Included in the notable architecture are several cathedrals that have survived throughout history. There’s the Église Saint-Thomas cathedral , which has an organ on which Mozart and Albert Scweitzer have played. There is also the Gothic Église Saint-Guillaume cathedral that features early Renaissance stained glass and furniture. There’s also many other buildings from the German Renaissance and French Baroque and Classicism periods, such as the Opera House, town hall, an Hôtel des Deux-Ponts. Take a look below at the Église Saint-Thomas cathedral:

Église Saint-Thomas cathedral

A number of beautifully landscaped parks are located throughout the city, such as the Parc de l’Orangerie that is landscaped in the French garden style and even contains a zoo. There’s also the Parc de Pourtalès that is in English baroque style, has a three star hotel and and open aired museum. There’s even the Jardin botanique de l’Université de Strasbourg, which is a beautiful botanical garden created under the German administration.

Strasbourg is also home to the second largest library in France, Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire. The library has more than 3,000,000 titles, and holds the unique status of being a students library and an international library.

Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire