The Bridges of Paris

Pont Alexandre III

As you probably know, the Seine river flows beautifully through the heart of our beloved Paris, but it’s also accompanied by a slew (29) of beautiful bridges. These bridges aren’t just a crossing point from one side to the other, they are often hang out spots and offer a lovely setting for a stroll with a friend or loved one.

These bridges are old, and they’re gorgeous, and we don’t want you to miss out on seeing them! Here’s a list of the bridges and their locations:

Passerelle des Arts (aka Pont des Arts)

Links the Louvre and the Institute de France


Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor

Connects the Tuileries with the Musée d’Orsay

Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir

Leads from the Bibliotheque Nationale towards Bercy Park

Petit Pont

Connects the Île de la Cité with the left bank

Pont Alexandre III

Connects the Champs-Élysées quarter and the Invalides and Eiffel Tower quarter

Pont au Change

Connects the Châtelet Square with the Conciergerie at the Île de la Cité


Pont au Double

Connects the left bank with the Île de la Cité and leads directly to the Place du Parvis Notre Dame


Pont d’Arcole

Connects the city hall of Paris (Hôtel de Ville) and the Île de la Cité


Pont d’Austerlitz

Connects the 12th arrondissement at the rue Ledru-Rollin, to the 5th and 13th arrondissements, at the Jardin des Plantes


Pont d’Iéna

Connects the Eiffel Tower on the Left Bank to the district of Trocadéro on the Right Bank


Pont de Bercy

Connects the 12th and 13th arrondissements of Paris by extending the Boulevard de Bercy and the Boulevard Vincent-Auriol


Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Connects the 15th and 16th arrondissements via the Île des Cygnes (Swan Island)


Pont de Grenelle

Passes along the southern tip of the Île des Cygnes (Swan Island)


Pont de l’Alma

Connects the 7th, 8th and 16th arrondissements of Paris


Pont de l’Archevêché

Connects the Île de la Cité with the left Bank


Pont de la Concorde

Leads from the Place de la Concorde to the Palais Bourbon


Pont de la Tournelle

Connects the left bank with the Île St. Louis


Pont de Sully

Connects the left bank of the Seine with the right bank across the eastern end of the Île St. Louis


Pont de Tolbiac

Connects the 12th to the 13th arrondissement


Pont des Invalides

Lowest bridge traversing Paris


Pont du Carrousel

Connects the Quai des Tuileries and the Quai Voltaire


Pont du Louis-Philippe

Connects the right bank with the Île St. Louis

Pont Neuf

Oldest bridge on the Seine river


Pont Notre Dame

Connects the island with the right bank


Pont Marie

Connects the Île Saint-Louis to the quai de l’Hôtel de Ville and is one of three bridges


Pont Mirabeau

It connects  rue de la Convention and place Mirabeau, on the left bank, to rue de Rémusat


Pont Rouelle

Connects the city’s 15th and 16th arrondissements


Pont Royal

Connects the Right Bank by the Pavillon de Flore with the Left Bank of Paris between rue du Bac


Pont St. Louis

One of the greatest bridges to link the two Parisian islands


Take a Cruise Down the Seine River

Taking one of the available cruises down the Seine River gives one of the best views of Paris. Depending on which river boat tour you take, the cruise can last anywhere from 1-3 hours and is a really inexpensive way to experience some of Paris’ extensive beauty.

Tours are offered between March and November and are generally pretty inexpensive, with fares for children starting at only$5.20 and adults at only $10. Sun decks, bars, and even restaurants are found on some of these boats. The boats that have the restaurants generally offer dinner tours as well, which can be especially inspiring – viewing Paris at night is spectacular. Be sure and wear your dinner jackets and ties, men, if you take one of the dinner tours

The Seine river, which flows through the center of Paris, used to be a the main form of transportation for the city and provided added protection. The Seine is such a beautiful river that it has long been revered in the art world and has been the subject of many paintings. When you take a cruise down the Seine, you’ll be able to see beautiful old bridges, old homes gracing the river, and get a unique perspective on historical landmarks such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

For more information and to schedule your tour, here are 2 of the most notable river cruise company’s:

Bateaux-Mouche Tours

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Paris Canal

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