St.Tropez: Millionaires Playground


Ah, St.Tropez., a jewel of the French Riviera, and playground to the wealthy. It’s sung about in songs, portrayed in movies, and even gave the World actress Bridget Bardot. It flourished as a port during the 18th century, and now flourishes as one of the top tourist destinations in the World.

Tropezien Beaches, as they are called, are one of the biggest attractions in the area. They feature blue water, white sand, private and public suntanning, and beach huts. Some of the beaches are even “naturist” beaches, or nude beaches. In fact, after the sexual liberation of the 50’s and 60’s, the arguments between “gendarmerie” and nudists in the area on the clothing option became the subject of many French comedies. The Tahiti beach is currently clothing optional, however many nudists these days opt to head for private nudist beaches.

There’s no shortage of things to see and do in this beach town; Hopping bars, delectable dishes from some of the finest restaurants, water sports, hotels like no other, and of course sightseeing. Le Club 55 is one of the most popular spots in St.Tropez, and interestingly it started off as just a simple canteen for the crew of “And God Created Woman” in the 1950’s. It now features, packed tables, white sofas on the beach, white cushioned mattresses on the sand, and some delicious cuisine – always a very crowded and popular spot. If quieter sightseeing is more your thing, the Tomb of Emile Olivier is preserved for viewing in the library of Chateau La Moutte. If delectable cuisine is what you seek, then Le Sporting has a little bit of everything for every traveler, including a foie gras topped hamburger.

le club 55

Surprisingly, hotels can be obtained for relatively cheap in St.Tropez, but they can also skyrocket into the thousands per night area. If you’re looking for a good list and reviews of hotels, check out Lonely Planet’s list here.