Where to Dine in Bordeaux

Bordeaux has some pretty fancy restaurants which flatter the wines from that area and offer everything from posh dining to hearty French traditional dishes – dishes like Pauillac lamb or local Bazas beef grilled over vine prunings. People in Bordeaux like good food, and they like it fresh, so keep an eye out for Arcachon Bay oysters, eels, sturgeon, caviar, and an assortment of other river treats.

Most restaurants are wonderful, but there’s a few that are well and above dining par. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Le Chapon Fin

le chapon fin

Established in the 19th-century Le Chapon Fin is one of the most highly attended and enjoyed restaurants in Bordeaux – it says a lot if visiting presidents dine here. The decor is extraordinary – but is no match for the food. Please your pallet with lightly-roasted John Dory with chilled lentil cake and truffle cream and served with bow-tied panache. Or how about some fresh seared cod in braised cherry blossom and endive tea – delicious!

Oiseau Bleu


Oiseau Bleu

There’s just something fantastic about this restaurant. Interestingly, it used to be a police station, but you’d never know it. The inside is warm and cozy, and there’s also seating on a terrace outside overlooking a lovely garden. The food here is simple, yet elegant, and always cooked with the freshest of produce. We recommend the Charolais tournedos with red wine and pear cream sauce.

Cafe Populaire

Café Populaire

You must visit this cafe any time you’re in Bordeaux. Not only does it have a hopping night life and always teeming with diners, but it offers some of the best regional staples you can get in Bordeaux. This restaurant is considered a Bordeaux staple – it’s definitely the city hot spot, and for good reason. Truly ‘the People’s Cafe”. After you finish your traditional Bordeaux meal, hit the floor for some dancing!