Where to go in Paris for Great Wine Tasting

wine glass

French wine is world renowned, and Paris has no shortage of excellent places to taste local wines or take a wine tasting class to further your wine knowledge. We’ve accumulated a short list of some of the best places to enjoy French wine while in Paris, and where one can work on their wine knowledge.

Wine Bars

l’Ecluse Grands Augustins: 

Location: 15 Quai des Grands Augustins; tel. 01/46-33-58-74

Web Address: www.leclusebaravin.com

This wine bar features a wide selection, 57 in fact, of different wines. Including château d’Yquem and château Lafite Rothschild. There’s a wine for any taste preference at this bar, and definitely plenty to satisfy the exploratory pallet.

Le Baron Rouge

Location: 1 rue Théophile Roussel; tel. 01/43-43-14-32

Great wine, great atmosphere, world class staff, and a little something to set them apart from the rest – if you run out of wine in your own wine bottle, they’ll happily refill it for you from one of their wooden barrel casks.


Wine Stores

La Dernière Goutte

Address: 6 rue de Bourbon Le Chateau; tel. 01/43-29-11-62

This particular wine store offers a varied selection of estate only wine at very reasonable prices. The wine sold here is not typically available for purchase in the US.

Caves Augé

Address: 116 Blvd Haussmann; tel. 01/45-22-16-97

Web Address: www.cavesauge.com

One of the oldest wine stores in Paris, and features a wonderful selection of artisan wines.


Wine Classes


Web Address:  www.bkwine.com

Phone #: tel. 06/80-45-35-70

This company offers very personalized wine classes, with you able to schedule private wine tastings and wine tours, and learn how to select the proper wine for any meal.

Ô Château

Web Address: www.o-chateau.com

Phone #: tel. 01/44-73-97-80

This company offers novice and more advanced wine classes, presented in English by trained sommeliers. You learn about the history of wine, as well as how to select the right bottle.